Single cup coffee brewers for offices

Although single cup coffee brewers are often popular in smaller companies or home offices, these innovative brew systems can be just as beneficial in medium to large office environments. The technology of single cup brewers is simple. Most single cup brewers will brew using coffee pods, such as the K-Cup designed for use with the Keurig single cup brewer or other brands of K-Cup machines. An individual K-Cup or coffee pod will be inserted into a single cup brewer, where it will then be punctured and brewed with hot water for a fresh cup of hot coffee in seconds.

Popular single cup machines

Here are some of the most popular models in single cup coffee brewers for office use. Also see what’s popular with our buyers.

  • Single Cup Coffee BrewersKeurig: Commercial Keurig machines are used exclusively with K-Cup coffee pods.
    Keurig offers a wide selection of single cup coffee brewers, including the OfficePRO, B155, B130, B150, B3000SE, B140, and B200. These brewers range in price from $129.95 to $249.95.Commercial Keurig machines offer such features as one touch brewing, up to three choices in cup sizes, built-in direct water line plumbing on some models, and a removable drip tray to brew directly into travel mugs.
  • FLAVIA: FLAVIA single cup coffee brewers offer more than 30 choices in one cup brewing for gourmet hot or iced beverages. The FLAVIA coffee maker can serve as an espresso machine, coffee maker, or teapot for commercial office use. Like K-Cups, FLAVIA coffee pods are sealed fresh, and the machine brews from coffee pod to cup, ensuring that each drink is hot, fresh, and quickly made. FLAVIA machines contain a water purifier, accommodate different cup sizes, and can quickly make specialty coffee beverages with the touch of a button. There is the FLAVIA Fusion Deluxe for small offices of 5 to 14 people, the FLAVIA Creation 200 for medium offices of 15 to 49 people, and the FLAVIA Creation 400 for large offices of 50 or more people.
  • Avalon: Avalon La Petit is a popular single cup machine ideal for any size office environment. It offers fully automated grinding, dosing, and brewing with the use of three different whole bean coffees. It also dispenses hot water for hot chocolate and tea. Avalon La Petit offers programmable brew strengths, cup sizes, and drink settings.
  • Lavazza: Lavazza offers their own selection in single cup brewers, including the Blue 2210 and Blue Colibri models. These single cup brewers brew fresh, high-quality espresso using capsules and one touch brewing. The machines are ideal for medium to large office environments and offer five different espresso brewing capsules for lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, tea, and more.

K-Cup flavors

Perhaps the most popular single cup brewing choice is the Keurig brewer, mainly because there are over 200 flavors and blends of K-Cups to choose from. K-Cup flavors come in a wide selection that include light to dark roast, extra bold, fair trade, organic, flavored, and even seasonal selections like Island Coconut. K-Cup selections are available in an extensive range of top brands, such as Green Mountain Coffee, Newman’s Own, Donut House, Gloria Jean’s, Caribou Coffee, and more. Getting an office coffee service rather than purchasing retail is a great way to save your business money.

Coffee in the Office is a great way to shop around for prices on single cup brewers. Compare single cup brewer prices

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Keurig is a favorite among our buyers:

“I would like to get a quote on a Keurig brewing system for our offices.”

“Pricing on purchasing a Keurig B150 or B200.”

“We currently have the Keurig B3000 and are renting it for $80/month, because we don’t need a minimum of 25 boxes a month of coffee/tea. We only need on average 12 or 13 boxes of coffee a month.”

“We currently have a single cup machine, we just need a service that will come in a bi-weekly or monthly basis to refill K cups.”

“I will need Keurig coffee machine included/ plummed. I need delivery of K-cups once a month. Currrent plan includes a free coffee maker, and coffee is $11.15 per box delivered to my address.”

“We have approximately 65 employees.We need two machines. One for upstairs (20 employees ) and one for downstairs (45 employees). We currently have 2 Keurigs. One with water source and one requiring water refill.”

“Saw this in Germany. Water was connected to the machine. Regular coffee, decaf, mocha, cappuchino, and hot chocolate were served from the machine. To do this you pushed a button and one cup of desired hot drink came out. Like the Keurigs here but for many people. Interested in one of those if possible!”

“Looking at the Keurig system.”

“Looking to purchase a Keurig machine or similar style that uses single serving cups and can be connected to a water supply.”

“We are currently using and love our Starbucks machines, they grind and make one cup and up to one full caraf at a time. It also will let you make hot chocolate. So in a nut shell, we are looking for quotes on the coffee, snack and pop machines and water filtration systems. We also have for our conference rooms the Keurig brewers.”

“This is a new service and they like the Keurig brand.”

“This is a high traffic area. Was wondering if you had a machine where I could control the price for each cup of coffee. Would like something like a Keurig where they can choose their own coffee, but have to pay to have it made.”

“Keeping the cost per cup below $.50 is extremely important to us. We’re looking to add new machines on each of our four floors that provides individual serving and coin operation. It’s roughly 40 coffee drinkers on each floor averaging approximately 2 to 3 cups a day. We’re looking for a machine that can meet the needs of our employees but at the same time cost efficient. With our current coffee provider we’re paying on the average $208.97 each month for each floor. For machines, Flava and Keurig seem like two good options but we’re open to any other suggestions.”

“We have a Keurig coffee machine and I am looking for prices for single cup coffee for about 20 people… and lots of coffee drinkers.”