The Caffeine War

A wise man once said, “No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee’s frothy goodness.”

All inspirational quotes aside, it’s safe to say that without a cup of coffee in the morning, the java-drinking population probably wouldn’t make it out of bed. Shortly later, a painful, throbbing headache would ensue. Irritability, sluggishness… a world without coffee is just too painful to imagine.

Have you ever wondered just which brand of coffee will give you the biggest caffeine bang for your buck? Ever been on an endless road trip, reached the last two hour leg of the trip, and realized that life will not go on if you remain behind the wheel without some kind of stimulant to replace that much-needed shuteye?

We’ve pitted the most popular brands and types of coffee against each other in the graphic below. Take a look — the results might surprise you!


Data set: The Caffeine Content of Drinks,
Dunkin Donuts image by Paul Papadimitriou on Flickr
The Office coffee cup from Zazzle
Red station wagon photo by Danilo Prates on Flickr